Ate|li|er (Studio): work-room of a painter, sculptor, photographer etc.

For a self-confessed gastrosexual and connoisseur like me, cooking is rather an art than just the simple preparation of meals. Chefs who I admire and who inspire me are culinary artists to my mind. A plate is their canvas, flavours are their colours. That explains why I call my kitchen “Kochatelier” (cooking studio). Here I live out my creativity and indulge my passion. Other men may dream of a Porsche. I fulfilled my lifetime desire with a 30 sqm open kitchen. Being a photographer, I set a high value on the documentation of my food creations. Therefore, my train of machines includes – among many other professional kitchen appliances – also the new APICBASE photo station.


If you really want to live out your gastrosexual side in the kitchen and duplicate dishes of celebrity chefs, you need a stock of machinery. With professional equipment like Pacojet, Thermomix, vacuum sealer, sous-vide cooker or APICBASE photo studio you do not only achieve better results, cooking is also a lot more fun.

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